Teens united

Florida Chapter

We are a newly established chapter and currently in Central Florida and Tampa Bay. Currently expanding into Tallahassee, Miami, Sarasota, and Jensen Beach.

What we do

Our mission is to help combat the food disparities throughout Florida.

Lunchbag Events

Partnered with #lunchbagorlando and #lunchbagtampabay to create/promote a delivery event to help distribute donations: lunches, sanitary supplies, and clothing.

One Heart

Worked with One Heart Matters to distribute boxes of food to low income families throughout Central Florida.


Created two stop AAPI hate protests and partnered with Zero Hour Florida and Ideas for Us Orlando for a Climate Change Protest.

Our Achievements so far

Distributed over 400 Food Packages with One Heart Matters, 5,000 lunches, and 3,000 donations – backpacks, sanitary supplies, clothing – to the homeless in Orlando. Created 2 Stop AAPI Protests, and worked with Fridays for Future Orlando, Ideas for Us Orlando, and Zero Hour Florida for a Climate Strike and #lunchbag Orlando, Partner with Zero Hour for a texting bank to end polluter welfare act

Our Latest Work

Our Officer Team

Hi!!! I love eating bo luc lac and you can always catch me in Viettown in Orlando. In my free time, I try to go thrifting as much as possible and love planting plants. I get boba almost every day and my music taste is  2000s – 2010s music. I’m born and raised in Chicago before coming to Florida. I’m always down to make new friends, so don’t be afraid to message me for any questions or help! I hope to become a Chemical Engineering and continue helping the community in the future. 

Justin Le


Hey! Some hobbies I enjoy are volunteering around the community, photography/videography, playing the violin, and also watching some TV shows or movies with my family. In the future, I hope to work within the criminal investigation field and/or be in the entertainment industry.

Heart Rirao

Vice President

Hey everyone! In my free time, I enjoy drawing, playing piano, and learning to play the ukelele. I’m slightly obsessed with my two cats and Taylor Swift. You can almost always find me at a coffee shop doing homework or eating Thai food and watching trashy tv with my friends:)

Leah Villasin

Head of Outreach

Greetings Everyone! In my free time, I love to learn more about computers more specially learning programming languages such as python since I want to go into the programming field in the future. I also like to ride my bike, play the piano, the viola, as well as playing video games.

Vincent Lin

Public Relations

Hi everyone! Some of my hobbies include playing guitar and lifting weights, though I’m relatively new to the latter! I currently work part-time at Playgrounds of Tampa, as a camp counselor and I also teach guitar lessons year-round. This upcoming season will be my 4th on the varsity soccer team at my high school and the 12th for Tampa Bay United, a local club team. When in new environments, I love striking up conversations with new people and enjoy making new friends!  I look forward to meeting more of you all!

Danny Weinberger

Fundraiser Chair

Hi everyone! When I’m not studying, working, or volunteering, most of my free time is taken up with baking and watching horror movies. I hope to pursue a career in psychology and continue volunteering in the future! 🙂

Jane Wiley

Corresponding Secretary

Hey guys! One of my favorite things to do on the daily is watch anime or listen to music! I listen to any music ranging from popular queer pop artists to kpop, jpop, k hip-hop and so much more. I also love playing the violin, which I’ve been playing for 7-8 years now, and I also take part in an Indian Classical dance form called Bharathanatyam. In the future, I hope to work in the medical field by pursuing a surgeon position, or work in research! I’m open to anyone who wants to talk, so please feel free to message me if you have any questions !!

Trisha Bhaskaran

Recording Secretary

Hello! In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends and family and take pictures and go shopping! I’m also very interested in social issues in the world and hope to further my education and educate others. I love to learn about new things going on to gain new perspectives from people around the world !

Sydney Weinberger

Communications Manager

Upcoming Events



Teens United Delivery

Partnered with #lunchbagorlando to create a delivery event to help distribute donations: lunches, sanitary supplies, clothing, and feminine products to the homeless throughout Orlando.




Helping Hearts/Clean up Parramore

Partnered with Timber Creek Helping the Homeless to facilitate Helping Hearts, measuring blood pressure for the homeless. Clean-Up Parramore is cleaning up an underrepresented neighborhood.




Teens United Delivery

Partnered with #lunchbagorlando to create a delivery event to help distribute donations: lunches, sanitary supplies, clothing, and feminine products to the homeless throughout Orlando.