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Who is Teens United?

Teens United is a Network for Empowerment

Youth have the power to change the world- yet they lack the resources to do it. Teens United is becoming the central hub for teens to discover activism opportunities, participate in varying campaigns, and unite with other driven teens. Teens United’s mission Is to build an international network of teen volunteers that use our site to become active agents of change. Teens United is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that aims to unite teens during the pandemic and beyond.

Who can volunteer?


Teens United does aim to connect teenagers to help their communities, but anyone can join and become a Teens United volunteer.

Am I eligible for Free Delivery?

Teens United provides no-cost free home delivery services to:

(1) Those over the age of 55 y.o.
(2) Immunocompromised individuals – those individuals who have an underlying medical condition and are at high-risk to go out
(3) Frontline Workers – including but not limited to, doctors, nurses, and EMT
(4) Individuals diagnosed with COVID-19;
(5) ANYONE who thinks they or someone they live with could be at risk


We don’t reject any users, if you feel unsafe going out Teens United volunteers will come to help!

What areas does Teens United serve?

Our virtual volunteers come from all over the globe! 

But, our physical delivery programs are currently running in Virginia’s NOVA area, Washington DC, Florida’s Orange County, and is expanding into New Jersey and California currently. If you are interested in starting a Beacon let us know!

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