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Teens United: Empowering Teens and Aiding Communities

Teens United is a nonprofit organization founded and run by high school teens amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Teens United’s mission is to build a national network of teen volunteers and to empower them to aid their local communities across America during a time of crisis, riots, natural disaster, or even a pandemic.

“Compassion. During this time of crisis, we can’t just think about ourselves. That’s why we created Teens United: to help others”

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Teens United Mission: empowering teens, aiding communities

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Free Home Delivery
Free Home Delivery

How we will use your donations:

We plan to use the funds for some exceptionally good causes:

  • Purchase PPE equipment for volunteers so that they can make safe and contact-less deliveries
  • Buy groceries for some underprivileged seniors citizens
  • Build our Teens United Mobile App
  • Expand Teens United services to other counties and states
  • Provide incentives and small rewards to our Teen volunteers like gift cards, plaques, and stipends toward college
  • Pay for Teens United daily maintenance and operation costs
  • Branding and marketing of Teens United