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Meet our partner Revoteen. A revolutionary teen-made app helping students connect with like-minded students, discover opportunities, and join impactful organizations. Learn more at and keep an eye out for the Teens United x Revoteen opportunities coming up!


YWCA USA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. It is one of the “oldest and largest multicultural organizations promoting solutions to enhance the lives of women, girls and families. Teens United and the YWCA Berkeley and Girls Group Mentoring chapter partnership provides teens with a plethora of unique opportunities. Check out their website for more artistic and female-driven activism!

Partner with Us

Teens United is a leading nonprofit organization that was founded and run by high school aged teenagers. Teens United offers global reach, aiding communities locally, empowering teens worldwide, hosting online events, and providing cross-cause leadership. We engage teens and young adults in building stronger communities – locally, nationally and globally. Together, we are fighting against the spread of Coronavirus in the hard hit communities, Climate Change in an effort to save our planet, fighting for Racial Injustice and Equity, and supporting Teens mental health and wellness.

You may also choose to donate to Teens United. Donate Now. 

Types of sponsorship and partnering opportunities:

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship is a great way for your business to align themselves with Teens United cause(s) in exchange for corporate recognition on Teens United platforms, brand promotion, tax deductions, employee enegement and boosting morale. Becoming a Corporate sponsor has many perks.

  • Corporate Recognition on Teens United platforms – website, social media, and print
  • Brand Promotion – online and offline
  • Employee engagement on Teens United sponsored events
  • Boosting Corporate Morale and Loyalty
  • Tax Deductions for financial donations or support
Gender Equality

Strategic Nonprofit Partnerships

Teens United is actively looking to develop partnership with other nonprofits and not-for profit organizations that are complimentary and strategic in nature. We believe that a strategic nonprofit partnerships can offer a slew of attractive benefits to both organizations, from improving outreach efforts to enhancing programs and services, there are many ways that an alliance can help our organization improve its efficacy, impact, and sustainability.

  • Increased Brand Exposure by natural cross-promotion allows you to easily reach another organization’s network
  • Increase the range of services each ogranization can offer its respective volunteer and membership
  • Build a Referral Network –  each party directs constituents to the other for further support
  • Share resources – administrative, back-office, information technology, people, and offices
Gender Equality

Individual Sponsorship

There are many ways for individual donors to get involoved and to help Teens United mission. As an indivdual you are able to donate your time, money, resources, and support. Our individual donations can be made anaymousily (online or by mailing us check to our corporate offices), and for indivual recognition on Teens United platforms and/or at a national or local event.

  • Option for remain anaymous or receive recognition and acaldes at a Teens United event
  • All donations are tax deductible
  • Apply and join the Teens United Board of Advisors

“Compassion. During this time of crisis, we can’t just think about ourselves. That’s why we created Teens United: to help others”

Nadia M. Founder/CEO