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What is a Teens United Beacon?

Teens United beacons are local chapters of Teens United across the country and globally. You can join an existing Teens United beacon if there is one already set up in your area, or you can start a new beacon chapter by meeting certain guidelines. Beacons are FREE to start. You must be a CORE team member of Teens United!


Global Volunteers

There is no location, race, gender, or even age boundary for our volunteers. We all want to make change! That’s what unites us!

See What Each Beacon is Up to

1. Virginia

Virginia is working on expansion past NOVA, working south to Richmond, Charlottesville, and more.

2. Florida

Flordia is expanding past Orlando, Kissimmee, and more. Contact us to become part of the expansion!

3. New Jersey

The newest physical Teens United chapter is in New Jersey, contact us to be part of the Beacon team!