We Are Teens United.

Teens United is a nonprofit organization founded by youth around to world to empower teens and to aid communities!

Teens United Against COVID-19

Teens United Against COVID-19 is aimed to curb the spread of coronavirus in our communities by making safe, free, and contact-less home delivery of groceries, medicine, and other essential items right to the doorsteps of high-risk individuals.

Teens United Against Racial Injustice

Teens United Against Inequality and Injustice is helping empowering Teens to fight racism, injustice, and inequality worldwide through forms of race, gender, identity, and more.

Teens United Against Climate Change

Teens United is empowering teens to take action to protect our planet from climate change and global warming from greenhouse gases, pollution, and more.

Teens United Against Mental Illness

Teens United Against Mental Illness is aimed towards helping Teens come together and fight against mental illnesses, mental health stigma, and chronic stress to reduce teen suicide rates globally.

Our Causes

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Teens United is empowering volunteers to engage in the causes that they care about the most. Our volunteers can join many causes and campagins that sponsored by Teens United and start their own campaigns for a cause that they care about. Explore the causes and get started today!


Against COVID-19

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our communities by making free and contact-less  home deliveries of groceries & essential items to senior citizens and those most impacted by COVID-19.

Against Climate Change

Impacts from climate change are real and they happening now, if we don’t act now our planet will not survive. Help organize events related to climate change in your community.

Against Injustice

The widespread existence of inequality, poverty, and injustice in our society disproves the American constitution. Stand up against racial injustice and inequality anytime, anywhere.

Against Mental Illness

Mental illnesses are real disorders that affect 1 in 4 young adults in America. Help us spread awareness, raise funds, and create real change in the vital area of teen mental health.

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"Volunteering gives me hope for humanity."

Heart R.

"My favorite aspects of volunteering with Teens United are the inclusiveness and strong sense of teamwork within the whole organization. The consistent effort and professionalism that our team leaders put forth is unmatched. I like the fact that Teens United provides a platform for young people to make an impact within the community. I am excited to see our mission expand as we foster the next generation of young leaders."

Sarah N.

Hello, I'm a junior at Marshall High School. I love to volunteer for Teens United because I love helping people, raising awarness, and forging a path forward that is important for me and my community.

Vishwas R.

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